Curious Thoughts of An Older Man

By Dr. Stanley Allen

It’s interesting how this blog got started. It was inspired by the reflective mood I was in brought forth by my wife’s terminal illness, my retirement from dentistry and a breakdown of my own health I was experiencing at the time. The purpose was to unify – to use my life experience to help others gain a better perspective on theirs. In the beginning I had rave reviews from people on all sides of the political spectrum, mainly because the posts were apolitical. Then, about the time that of Trump’s trip to Russia in which he sided with Putin in his denial of Russia’s involvement in subverting the 2017 elections over the conclusions of his own intelligence agency, that my comments began to turn decidedly partisan. In the end, I massively increased the readership of all those who agreed with me and lost that of all those I believe would have most benefitted from my comments but who disagreed with me.

        Recently, I came across an obscure novel written in 1985 by a man named Richard Moss, MD. The title was “The Black Butterfly, An Invitation to Radical Aliveness”. The book had nothing to do with race or politics. It was about an alternate approach to the treatment and healing of illness and injury. His basic premise was that all consciousness is a manifestation of energy and the degree of health we acquire is dependent on the extent to which we can integrate and embrace all of the conscious energy that makes us who we are. In other words, if we are to be free of cancer or to heal from cancer we must be a peace with the energy of the cancer cells as much as we are at peace with the energy of the healthy cells because they are of the same energy source.

       I won’t attempt to explain any of the nuance of the discussion as it was extremely wordy and complex and I personally found I had to read and reread several times each passage to understand what he was talking about. It took me at least twice as long as it normally takes me to read 300 pages of text. But the more I think about it, the more I can see the feasibility of his premise. He contends that our everyday level of consciousness is at a relatively low level of energy. The higher level of consciousness where he believes all health an wellbeing lays, is aware of the connectedness of all consciousness and doesn’t seek to judge any of it as good or bad and is present to the beauty of all of it.

       I have to believe if I had the capacity to operate at that higher level of energy and consciousness as I wrote this blog, it would have had a more unifying effect on the readership instead of the more polarizing impact it has had. I have not been enlightened to the extent where it’s possible for me to do that yet. Moss points out that all of the existential means we use to raise our energy level (prayer, meditation, Alcoholics Anonymous, A Course In Miracles, etc.) have the effect of temporarily raising our level but it’s not long before our everyday ego level of consciousness claims it as its own and thereby automatically depletes the energy level. I know in my writing, I’ve often started the conversation with the best of intentions, but before it’s over, I will have said or done something that condemns or offends those who don’t share my beliefs.

       He said something that I think will set the path I will follow going forward. Basically he advocates, doing what ever you need to do (pray, meditate, etc.) with the intention to raise your level of consciousness and pay attention to the results. If the results don’t bring you to that higher state of love and unity with all of consciousness, look to see where your ego has intruded into the process, embrace the ego and try again. It may seem that you would do the opposite and try to reject the ego’s intrusion, but that’s the point. All of it, including ego is a part of our consciousness. It is not the things within ourselves that we consider dark and foreboding that hold us back, but our denial of it that does.

       I will keep trying even if I must bare the wrath and rejection of people I love because as we get closer to the edge of total destruction by environmental or man made forces, I believe we all must keep trying to the bitter end. But we must do it joyfully and with a song in our hearts.