Curious Thoughts Of An Older Man

Throughout this memoir, Dr. Allen discusses all aspects of the human condition from the point of view of a man in his late sixties to early seventies. All subjects of everyday life, including, but not limited to, relationships, sexuality, mental and physical health, politics and economics are discussed with the utmost candor. Why should anyone be interested in this?

Steve Bannon (President Trump’s number one fan) said one thing that appears to be true. He said that every 80 years, America does things to virtually tare itself apart. First it was the American Revolution. Eighty years later, it was the Civil War. Eighty years after that, it was World War II. Now, eighty years after World War II, it we have the Trump phenomena and the rise of tribalism. We don’t yet know how the catastrophe looming ahead will manifest itself, but all Americans sense that the survival of the republic (and maybe the entire community of nations) as we know it is at stake. Bannon points out that the eighty-year catastrophes always happen when the generation of men that suffered least and benefited most from the previous catastrophe comes into power. In our times, that would be the baby boomer generation – those born between 1940 and 1960. All the generations that follow the baby boomers and are alive today, for the reminder of their lives will bare most of the burden of the consequences of what the leadership does today.

Consequently, it behooves particularly younger generations (and probably women of every generation), to understand to the greatest extent possible how the older generation of men thinks. To do so may even give you insight on what you will need to do to save us all from the catastrophe ahead, assuming you have an interest in doing so. To that end, the memoirs of Dr. Stanley Allen, since his retirement from the dental profession in 2012, are being published. This is an on going process and new chapters will be added going forward. If the reader has an interest reading all the chapters from the beginning, they are available for ordering. If you are only interested it the current chapters, you may settle for that as well.