Chapter 156 – To My Dearest Caucasian Republican Friend

To My Dearest Republican Caucasian Friend,

       I’m writing this letter to you for two reasons. First of all I’ve come to the realization that you and I are soul mates. I truly believe that if I were born and raised in your circumstances, I would think, act and believe almost exactly the way you do. In that sense, in talking to you I’m really talking to myself from a perspective that I could not possibly see or understand if I were in your shoes. With that in mind, you can understand the second reason I’m writing to you. The second reason is that I believe you and all the people in the silo of your reality have embarked on a dark and dangerous path that ultimately will end in the destruction of the entire human race if you continue on that path and succeed in accomplishing the objectives that you think you want.

       In the past, I’ve told you that America’s one and only problem is its racist past. I’ve come to realize that is not entirely true. America’s true problem is that at its core, it is compelled to lead the world into environmental and ecological bankruptcy. Numerous credible organizations, those that tract environmental phenomena are united in their belief that currently, mankind cannot replace 50% or more of the world’s resources that it is using annually. This environmental deficit cannot be made up in the short run and in ten years, nature is going to call that environmental note in, and that will mark the beginning of the end for humankind. This is where our legacy of enslavement of black people and genocide of Native Americans come in. You must understand that aspect of American history to truly understand how we’ve reached the point we are at today.

       The Anglo European ethic that is the foundation of the American culture and morality calls for taking as much of the world’s bounty as one can for as little cost as possible, with no regard for the indigenous people effected by that plunder or replenishing the environment disturbed by the development of the land. It operates on the belief that the world’s resources are endless and therefore financial economic growth must be unrestrained and it’s good for the world for a few select individuals to obtain far more wealth than they actually need or can even spend in their lifetime. This ethic comes out of the feudal system of governments of ancient Europe in which the king and the royals owned all the land and resources at the expense of the ordinary man, who’s only role in society was to serve the royals (who by the way proclaimed to be God incarnate). The American version of the feudal system proclaims that, in theory, all white men are endowed by the creator to enjoy the privileges of the royals. To pull that of requires a permanent underclass of nonwhite people to take on the role of the common man and serfs of Europe. The appeal of America to the European immigrant was that every white man could build his own little kingdom and rule over the slightly less human people of color. They no longer were French or Irish or Slavic. They were all simply white men, the kings of America.

      This was the ethic and morality behind slavery and all its associated evils. It enabled America to corner the market on cotton, tobacco, rice and sugar. No other world power could compete with America and its free labor system. I’m not saying that America is the only civilization ever to do this. I’m only saying that it was the most successful at it and currently, to a large degree, still operates on the basis of that self-destructive behavior.

       That brings me to Mr. Donald Trump’s Republican Party. You once wrote to me in so many words, that you believe Trump is God’s gift to America and it’s only hope of salvation. I see him more as America’s poltergeist (remember the line from Spielberg’s movie, “it knows what scares you”). Since Richard Nixon in the late 1960s and early 1970s and Ronald Reagan throughout the 1980s, one thing is clear about the Republican Party. They have made it clear that their mission is the preservation of white America’s rule over the country. Part of their effectiveness comes from the fact that Reagan invented the code by which they can refer to themselves without coming right out and saying it. They are phrases like “mainstream Americans”, “the silent majority”, “true Americans”, and so on. But we all know whom they are talking about. The probably 60% of all white Americans identify as Republican and better than 90% of the party is white. The majority of Republicans is not racist in the sense that they actively wish harm to people of color, but between 5 and 10 percent of them consists of all of the white people in America who actually do actively wish harm to people of color. But glue that holds all of them together is that at least on a subliminal level, they believe they are loosing ground to the very people their heritage has promised them privileged to rule over.

       The following is my analysis of the logic supporting this flawed way of seeing the world that currently is fostered and nurtured by the Republican Party. To buy into its logic, you have to believe the following:

  1. People have to believe not only that being white makes one different from everyone else in the world, but also that there is inherent value in being white. Not until recently (the past 30 years) did advertising and pretty much all media not suggest that this was an absolute fact.
  2. When you throw religion on top of the first belief, what logically follows is the belief that white people are more in God’s favor than any other people on Earth. God and all of the characters in the bible are depicted as white and therefore the world was created primarily for the benefit of white people.
  3. If you subscribe to the first two beliefs, then it is logical for you to conclude that since minorities of color are increasing in numbers that will soon place them in the majority, democracy is no longer a viable option for white people, who are therefore justified and morally sound in suspending fair play and the rule of law in favor of their continued rule over minorities of color.

       In my opinion, those three beliefs are what fuel the passion by which you and your conservative brethren are pursuing the Republican agenda. That agenda consists of using what’s left of democracy to undermine its intended goals of compromise and rule by consensus. Instead it advocates the use of gerrymandering, filibuster and voter suppression to insure only its candidates can rule. It seeks to impose by brute force laws and policies that the majority of Americans of any race don’t support to appease the radical minority of its constituents from whom the Republicans draw their power. Their aim is to radicalize as many of their constituents as possible. I’ve always known you to be a sensitive reasonable man until Obama was elected. Since then you have become radicalized in your thinking to an extent I wouldn’t have dreamed possible before then.

       My white friend, before I get into talking about the bitter rewards we will all soon begin to reap, I want to stop you right now from the rebuttal I know you are beginning to form in your mind. I know you are already drawing from your mental library of conservative propaganda and ideology to give me examples of radicalized liberal thinking and the litany of black conservatives who support your way seeing things. I don’t deny there are extremist on the left proposing preposterous ideas that even most liberals wouldn’t support.  But that’s just the point. There are always going to be extremes on both sides of the aisle, but when we allow the extremist to lead the discussion we are all in trouble.  Because when you do that, no matter what the other side says, it’s viewed through the lens of the extremist on their side. I recently heard someone say, “The further one is from the problem (on the left or on the right), the simpler the solution looks”. Consequently there can be no compromise and we became mortal enemies instead of people who aspire to the same quality of life but differing ideas of how to get there.

       As far as the black people you hold out as representative of right thinking black Americans and examples of who black people should follow, the mere fact that you see them that way is an indication of how ignorant you are when it comes to what the average black American experience in this country is and how we actually see things. Clarence Thomas, for example, is the most hated black man in America by other black people. I’m sure even the late president Bush had no idea how much that black man hates his own people when he nominated him. He is considered an Uncle Tom and a traitor to every black person in this country who has died fighting for common decency and dignity for black people. I’m just telling you that so you know how unsettling it is to a black person when you advocate for people like Candice Owens and the late Herman Cain (RIP). I chose to believe you do so out of naiveté where as black people who don’t know you would conclude that you are an advocate for white supremacy. I want you to know however that I do appreciate your sharing your feelings about them because it gives me the opportunity to explain to you who we (black people) actually are and why we disagree so strongly with the position those people take. I’m campaigning for the day that we all can communicate that honestly when it comes to those issues.

       With all I’ve said in mind, I’d like to tell you how all this is leading us to complete self-destruction. We now find ourselves on the verge of a Republican take over similar to what occurred in 2010, when you first began to rant about liberal conspiracies. The real issue in the politics of the next two years is whether or not America should scrap democracy in favor of a fascist dictatorship. Your side will prevail mainly because the opposition insists on framing the debate around the mundane issues of inflation and the economy which neither side will address until the real issue is settled. Your side, on the other hand, has no reservations about presenting their stance of championing their position of white rule by any means necessary. Again, they use the Reagan code to describe their position (“American values”, “Christian ethics”, “pro life”, “second amendment rights”, etc.) but there is no confusion on the part of anyone in the country what they intend to do.

       Once in power, your people will impose its will on any group outside of its own that attempts to assert their rights. In response there will be mass protests by those affected, which will be meet with brutal force by those in power. Thousands will die. Armed insurgencies will follow and churches and schools and sports arena’s will be bombed or people massacred by gunfire, and we will have become Syria and Iraq in pockets all over the country. Meanwhile, dictators all over the world already emboldened by Trump’s policy of embracing them will begin to assert themselves even more. Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia will push back against them and the chances of us stumbling into nuclear conflict will be enhanced. All concerns and consideration for the environment will be abandoned and pandemics, famine and death by environmental poisons will run rampant. The desperation among men will become more out of control and mankind will become more suicidal. By 2030 we will reach the point of no return and millions will die every year until civilization completely collapses and in another few decades human beings will plague the Earth no more. We’ll all be gone.

       You may think my dire prediction is over the top. Ten years ago, I would have thought American ethics and morality would never have devolved to where they have come today, and the people in congress today could never be elected. Yet, here we are. We have become an uneducated society and democracy can’t survive an uneducated populace.


       It seems your side has won. In over turning Roe V Wade you have clearly established that your minority has clear control over, and is ruling the majority of Americans in spite of their desires and beliefs. Just as you shunned the advise of friends and allies prior to your post 911 tantrum in Iraq that has precipitated the world wide immigration problems that are plaguing the developed world, you have chosen to ignore the admonishments of the majority of Americans and people all over the world and have succeeded in denying by force of law a woman’s right to rule over her own body. It almost comes as a relief that one of the big three issues (the other two being guns and gay rights) that the Republicans use to seduce their constituency to vote against their own best interests, has been rendered mote. They can no longer delegitimize opponents who fail the abortion litmus test regardless of the effectiveness of policies they advocate. It will be that much less easy for them to get their constituency to look past the Republican incompetence and ineptitude in running the country for most of the past 50 years.

       Most people don’t realize it, but almost all of what is killing this country was promoted and presided over by Republicans. America’s decline began in 1968 with Richard Nixon’s ending of the gold standard and willfully destroying the public school system by his exploitation of the racist backlash to integration of public schools and private housing. It continued with Ronald Reagan’s runaway deficit spending to enhance the military industrial complex combined with massive tax relief for the wealthy, which he accomplished by scapegoating black people as supposedly being the sole recipients of welfare dollars, and public safety nets that overwhelmingly benefited white people at least ten times more than it benefited black people. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was the almost complete destruction of labor unions. After 911 the public gave Republicans everything they ever wanted – both houses of congress, the white house, the supreme court and the freedom to suspend human rights that had been the holy grail of our society. They used that power to do everything they’d been trying to do since World War II, including using money allocated for social security to cover the deficits and relaxing banking laws that regulated the mortgage industry. All of that bankrupted the American economy and almost completely destroyed the American middle class. After using race to thwart Obama’s attempts to rectify the debacle they were able to seize power again and eventually elect Donald Trump, who once again resumed deficit spending for the military even though they resisted taking the money and took racialized politics to a level none of us could have ever imagined and embraced dictators world wide which has embolden them to increase their level of atrocities including Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on gas prices and inflation.

       But none of this is what has prompted me to write this letter. In fact we’ve talked enough about such things that you already know my opinions. What prompted me to write this letter is out of concern for our souls and the lives of our children and grandchildren. If we allow what’s about to happen, to happen without any attempt to stop it and continue to pour gasoline on the metaphorical fire, our descendants will pay with their lives and you and I will be damned to hell. When I talk about these matters, I talk in terms of the behavior of the people I speak against and any characterizations I make speak to the common definitions ascribed to that behavior. You on the other hand have become extreme in your critique. You are quick to generalize and label people who disagree with you to the extent that one would think you know all liberal Democrats personally. It’s clear from your rhetoric and preoccupation with guns and weapons of all manners that you regard them as mortal enemies as opposed to being loyal Americans who philosophically disagree with you on a range of issues. You have got to get out of the echo chambers of friends, posts, tweets, news casts and talk radio who are filling your head with right wing macho nonsense. You need to look at the devastation in the Ukraine and Syria and understand that, that is a real possibility for our future if you and your compatriots continue on in that vein. Much as you think you do, you have no idea what that’s going to feel like; be like.

       You are never going to able to pivot away from the abyss unless you make a conscious effort to expose yourself to other points of view. I would guess that all of the people you spend most of your time with are white. I know you know a lot of black people and are very well thought of by most of them (although I can promise you most of them would be shocked if they really knew your politics). You may have one or two black members of your country club that you play golf with, who I would guess walk on eggshells to avoid offending the conservative sensibilities of you and your friends. But just knowing them is not enough. You need to actually spend time with them, learn how to talk candidly with them about these sensitive issues you and I talk about in a tactful way. Invite them to your home and accept invitations to their homes.

       Don’t get me wrong my white friend. I’m every bit as guilty as you may be in that regard. I’m sort of the mirror image of you in that I spend most of my time with white people but I avoid discussing politics with any but the most liberal among them. But I’m beginning to remedy that. What I’ve been doing is asking the ultra conservative of them to explain to me what they mean by some of the comments they make and positions they take. And then I just listen. I’m amazed to find out that I am not that far away from them on many issues and at least have a much better understanding of where they’re coming from on issues I have absolutely no agreement with. I’m trying my friend. With all my heart, I’m seeking redemption for whatever part I may have had in contributing to the current state of affairs.

      The last thing I’ll say, is something that doesn’t necessarily apply to you, but in the spirit of avoiding the apocalypse, I think needs to be said. The concept of defining one’s self on the basis of skin color or ethnicity is a very low energy level of human existence and is no longer compatible with the survival of the human race. It is an archaic concept that invites demagoguery and idolatry, either of which is more than enough to destroy us all. We are all of the same energy of consciousness and everything we see and feel is an illusion that we can no longer afford to indulge ourselves in. All over the world, free societies continue to reward the most incompetent people in all of human history with reelection and empowerment in our effort to maintain the status quo regarding the idea that our race and ethnicity is what defines us as human being. If we don’t stop, we are going to die.

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