Chapter 155 – Message To All Unhappy With The Supreme Courts Decisions

       If you are not happy with the US Supreme Court’s latest decisions, I would remind you of a few things. First of all, you need to understand all that is happening in the courts today is a result of the election of Donald Trump in 2016. That should have never happened. After all, we’re talking about a man who announced throughout his campaign that in effect, he wanted to change this country into a fascist dictatorship, in which white men decided everything of consequence in the United States. He did not do a thing he didn’t say he would do throughout his campaign after he was elected, including the selection of Supreme Court Justices that would likely overturn Roe v Wade. We all knew in 2016, that the next president would likely pick the next two or three justices that would shape American law for the next three decades. Yet a good portion of you, enough to have tipped the election over to Hillary Clinton, either did not vote or actually voted for Donald Trump.

Most of you did this out of resentment for Hillary Clinton. You had a myriad of excuses for doing that, including things like you didn’t think she campaigned personally enough in the black community and the previous administration didn’t fulfill its promises to the black community. Obviously, given whom she was running against she had a right to think she could take your vote for granted. Clearly it was in your best interest to defeat someone at the polls who professed to be outspoken champion of white supremacy and white privilege.

       Many of you voted for Trump or stayed home because you thought the checks and balances of our democracy wouldn’t allow him to do all the things he was advocating in his campaign, and he could do no worse in managing the country than the previous administration. In a sense, you were right, but just barely. Our democracy barely held together under Trump’s onslaught against it. Still other women I’m told voted against her out of resentment for her connection to the philandering Bill Clinton and the natural tendency for white females to be critical of one another.

       My point is that there is a fundamental difference between the reactionary forces of white male privilege and the liberal forces of protection of civil liberties when it comes to politics. Bill Maher and the female guest he had on his latest show rightly pointed out that those on the right are more pragmatic in their political selections. They do everything they can to elect their representative, regardless of how flawed, to give them best chance of carrying out their very narrow agenda in the long run. As Bill Maher put it, “they play the long game”. Liberals on the other hand are always searching for the “perfect candidate”. If you in anyway violate the Me Too rules or the gay rights rules, no matter how benign your offense or how much you apologize, you have to go. The list of effective champions of liberal causes who were jettisoned on principle by their party is long, beginning with Gary Hart in the 1980s, to John Edwards, to Al Franken, to Cal Cunningham (who would be serving in the Senate now instead of Thom Tillis, who is applauding the overturn), to Mario Como and many-many, others. Republicans don’t care who you sexually abused or how politically incorrect and insensitive you are, as long as you effectively carry the party line forward. Liberals think they have the luxury of never having to choose between the lesser of two evils when it comes to politics. As a result we are witnessing a judiciary that is laying the groundwork for a president in 2024 to impose by brute force that which could never be done by majority consensus.

       So the question is, what can we do now short of armed revolt? If you are an AOC Democrat, a traditional Reagan Republican or an independent and you want to set things right as far as women’s rights are concerned, you have to vote all Republicans, local state and federal, out of office in November of this year. This is necessary because you will have to effect massive judicial reform if at this point in time, you are going to save democracy and regain women’s rights. Republicans, no matter what they tell you prior to the elections are not going to vote against abortions bans or gun rights to any significant degree. You only have to look at Mitch McConnell to see the extent to which they will flat out lie to carry out their agenda. To effectively reverse what has been put into effect, you have to make the right to privacy federal law and expand the Supreme Court to a large enough number to completely negate Trump’s appointees. Eventually, you will need to set term limits on them and maybe have them elected directly by the public. None of that can happen without super majorities in both houses. It’s as simple as that. Everyone talks about what a terrible president Joe Biden is, but he like Obama before him, can’t get off the dime because of an obstructive senate (two of the Democrats are in effect Republicans when it comes to substantive issues).

       I’ve been saying this for some time now. If you want effective government, you must first decide if you want that government to be a fascist dictatorship or democracy. None of the other issues of concern like inflation, the environment and income inequality are going to be addressed by either party until you first clearly and decisively decide which government you want. Either government will be effective, but one will not be abled to be called back if you later decide you don’t like it. I think we all know which government option that would be.

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