Chapter 154 – “There is no happiness in life, only a mirage of it on the horizon” – Vladimir Putin

       Some time ago I published a post that I regretted almost the second I pressed the publish key. It was intended to humorously point out that our claims of belief in God belie our actual beliefs. My assertion was that what we do and how we use our treasure are manifestations of our actual beliefs. On that basis, I suggested that the only thing men truly worship is sex or the possibility of obtaining it. I’m no comedian and I quickly learned that I’m not clever or witty enough to broach such a serious subject as religion with humor. That said there is too much at stake to not endeavor to push on and try influencing anyone listening to my points of view to at least consider a different way of looking at things.

       When I was 16 years old in high school, I read what was to this day the most terrifying novel I’ve ever read. I’m a big Stephen King fan and to me, he has never written anything more terrifying than George Orwell’s, Nineteen Eighty Four. In the 1960s when I read the book, we were still in the aftermath of WWII and Hitler and it was inconceivable that the United States could ever fall into any kind of dictatorship capable of exacting the horrors and atrocities on its people contained in Orwell’s nightmarish vision. And yet today, here we are on the verge of forsaking democracy in favor of a fascist dictatorship.

      In my ill-conceived previous post on the subject, I stated that religion would be the downfall of humanity. I now believe that was slightly over stated. I believe that those who would destroy us have and will continue to use religion to galvanize support for their madness by perverting religious concepts and principles into validations of the evil they do.

       If I had the ear of all my white brethren in the United States, I would try to convince them of two things. First, I would try to impress on them that a vote for a Republican candidate in the next election is a vote for a fascist dictatorship. Forget high inflation, unemployment and healthcare. A vote for a Republican is a vote to end democracy and a vote for a democrat is a vote to save it. Donald Trump has laid the groundwork for this situation by corrupting Republican led state legislatures to, through gerrymandering and by various means disenfranchising minority voters of color, set things up so that for the most part, the only votes that will count are the votes cast by white Americans. This is the America they’ve been clamoring for and now they pretty much have it. So if democracy is to survive, it will be up to white Americans to save it.

       The second thing I would warn them of is that they need to consider that a vote for a dictator is a vote for dictatorship forever. Unlike a democracy, you can’t just vote the dictator out in the next election if you don’t like his policies or you’re not satisfied with the results he’s been getting. Once given the power of a truly rigged election, you make him president for life.

       To help you understand what dictatorship is all about, I will use Putin’s rise to power as an example. Democracies devolve into dictatorships during periods of chaos. In Putin’s case, Russia’s post Soviet experiment into democracy and free enterprise was proving to be a serious challenge for a people who had never experienced self-determination before. People were having difficulty finding affordable housing and putting food on the table. Under those conditions, people look for simple solutions. Then, in steps Putin, with the promise of stabilizing the economy, which he promises to do only if he and his cronies are empowered to steal the lion’s share of the countries wealth for themselves in exchange for a guarantee of three hots and a cot for the average Russian. The Russian people struck that deal with the devil and we all are witnessing the result. Even with all of the problems we have, the standard of living of the average American far exceeds that of the average Russian. That’s why so many of them immigrate here.

       Our slide into dictatorship actually began in the mid 1960s when the rest of the industrialized world had fully recovered from the devastation of World War II and could compete economically on equal footing with the United States. By the mid 1970s, all those middle management positions in industry (which were actually a kind of middle class welfare reserved mostly for young white men coming out of college) began to dry up. The inflationary policies of the Nixon/Ford administrations (including the elimination of the gold standard) left it for Jimmy Carter’s administration to impose the harsh medicine of high interest rates cope with the deficits created by the newly emerging trade imbalance, which led to Ronald Reagan being swept into office along with his reactionary social policies, including the legitimizing of the white evangelical Christian movement. From that point on our fate was sealed. The grand American experiment was on its way to becoming the great American tragedy.

       So here we are. Those of us living today may be witness to the disintegration of the United States of America and along with it, the worldwide end of hope. Individual freedom and blind justice for all will end and humanity will revert back to the age of the dictator. Is that what you really want?

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