Chapter 149 – Time Is Running Out

         I sit here today wondering what life will be like when the United States of America comes to an end. The official end to America as we know it will come when the Republican fascists install the first undemocratically elected government in 2022. When I think about all we will be giving up as Americans by allowing this to happen, I must admit it’s hard to understand why any human being, let alone freedom loving Americans, would give up all of the blessings we enjoy in homage to an unholy idea. That idea is the belief that on group has a right to hold power over another group by virtue of the God created superficial differences in our skin color and hair texture.

       I think about the most precious blessing we will be giving up, the safety and privacy of our own home. Home is our sanctuary against all the troubles we face in our everyday lives; secure as we entertain and indulge ourselves with color TV, the music of our choice and good food. Ironically, it was the loss of all that by as much as 15% of hard working Americans in 2007 that started the downward spiral that we now find ourselves. It was the desperation created by that catastrophe that lead to what had previously been the unthinkable, the election of a well-intentioned, competent black man to inhabit the White House.

       It was not so much his election as his failure once he was voted in to hold to account the wealthy people who stole 30% of the wealth of the middle class thereby bankrupting or nearly bankrupting close to 40% of middleclass Americans, that led to the backlash to his election which resulted in the rise of fascism in the United States. The young president did not understand the significance of his election and that even if it meant his being a one term president, he needed to seen as his only agenda being taking from those who stole America’s wealth and giving it back to those it was stolen from, period. Anything less would result in the loss of confidence in democracy as a reliable steward of America’s wealth, as we have seen.

       And once the fascists take over the courts, the military and the intelligence agencies, the mythical deep state Republicans have been talking about will become a reality, only the reality will be loss of individual freedom of all Americans, not just the ones the Republicans label as subversive. There will be no more situation comedies that lampoon the establishment on TV (good bye Bill Maher and SNL) and the state will have the right to invade the home of any person the Republican Party deems as a threat without any due process. The Republican Party will officially own all female genitalia, so wave goodbye to Me Too, Times Up and legal abortion. Of course, black lives won’t matter, and any group that claims they do will go straight to jail.

       Of course there will be resistance, slow at first and certain regions of the country will not abide by Republican fascist rule, but the violence and chaos of it all will be hard for those of us use to “home as sanctuary” to imagine. Home in that sense will be temporary for all of us given the sabotage to the electronic grid and computer data and resultant blackouts, food and water shortages. The things we’ve seen happen in Texas and Louisiana will be the norm in most of America when the rebellion starts. The home and hearth we enjoy today will be little more than a source of nostalgia for generations to come.

       When you put all that in perspective, it would be so much easier to fight Republican state legislatures now and prevent them from stealing the 2022 elections as they plan to do by preventing anyone but their own cronies from monitoring elections and counting the votes and suppressing the vote of all but the most loyal Republicans by unfair rules, faulty voting machines and limited polling places. I know we are all tired and long for the day when we don’t even have to think about politics. But the effort required to stop Republicans in 2022 is miniscule compared to what it will take to undo what the Republicans are planning for all of us. Somehow, we must do what we can to convince all Americans, especially those we call white, that it is not in their best interest to allow for a minority of Americans to rule over the majority of us. What would the voter turnout have been in America if we had known in 2016 what the following four years had in store for us? Now is the time to take action. Don’t allow Republicans to use democracy to end democracy.

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