Chapter 146 – Life or Death

       Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite actors in spite of his political views, which I don’t always agree with. One of my all time favorite movies of his is The Outlaw Josey Wales. In that movie, there is a scene in which an Apache Chief called Ten Bears has Josey Wales surrounded, fifty worriers against Josey. A defiant Josey Wales looked Ten Bears in the eye and said, “I’m here to offer you life or death”. After more dramatic dialogue between the two men, Ten Bears replied, “It shall be life”.

       It should be clear now to everyone in the country that the Republican Party is attempting to end democracy in the United States. The problem is, the Republicans are the only ones taking action. Democrats better learn in a hurry that they need to get nasty now. They need to start putting pressure on those Democrats who are Republicans in Democrat clothing to end the filibuster and allow democrats to fight back in the only venue they have anything close to leverage. They should picket their homes and inundate their offices with demands that they vote like Democrats on that key issue. It needs to be made clear to them that they are going to lose their seats either to another Democrat in their next primary or to a real Republican in the next general election. But I’m sure in all probability none of that will happen. I’m not really sure why.

      I recently had an epiphany about why America is where it is today. It happened when a friend of mine sent me an attachment on a Facebook post of man named Phil Visher in which he was attempting to explain the disparities between the percent of unwed white women and black women (statistically it was less than 5% of white women and 25% of black women in 1965). Mr. Visher (a white man) did an excellent job at explaining the reasons for this and other disparities between white and black women (which I won’t get into now) throughout his entire presentation. But what really struck me about his talk was the revelation that today, a similar study revealed that while children born out of wedlock was still less than 5% among college educated American white women, among white women with high school diplomas only the percentage went up to 30% and among white women with no high school diploma the percentage went up to a whopping 65%. Looking at all three groups of white women as whole, it’s probably safe to say that around 30 to 35% of all white children in America are born out of wedlock.

       You only have to look at the plight of black people and the black family to understand why America is in such trouble. The American culture has by design marginalized black people from its inception and as a result has successfully kept a disproportionately high number of black people out of the mainstream of American society, leaving them with all the accompanying social ills, (economic, cultural, political and more). Mr. Visher points out that the statistics indicate that the breakdown of the American family and consequently traditional American values and ethics, has more to do with America’s failure to provide for working class America and is thereby not racial but socioeconomic in nature. While I might agree with his assessment I would add that in white America’s zeal to keep down and marginalize black Americans, it took down a substantial number of white Americans as well. America is now a house divided because rather than face the realities of today’s world challenges, white America would rather do what it traditionally has done, which is to blame black people, immigrants and other minorities of color for their shortcomings. This path of least resistance could not be followed except for the fact that now something close to the majority of white Americans are now functionally uneducated and unable to compete in a fair and open market.

       I could go on and on about the whys for the situation America finds itself, but what would be the point. It appears the media is finally reaching the point of defining and characterizing our situation for what it is – a choice between democracy and fascism. The question now is do we really want to tear ourselves apart with a civil war such as occurred in Bosnia or Syria, or not? The Republican Party’s push to disenfranchise people of color and to legally overturn elections they don’t favor is born out of the fear of white Americans becoming a minority in what they perceive as what should be a white country. There is tremendous fear in this because in their world the majority takes what it wants from the minority whether the minority likes it or not, Constitution or no Constitution. America was the world’s experiment to see if government ruled by the people could be structured in a way that secures the liberty and prosperity of all the people in that society regardless of race, creed or color and thereby eliminating most of the conflict among human beings. It will be up to the white people of America to decide if it is better to continue to pursue humankind’s primitive tribal struggle for dominance over all other tribes or to recognized the scientific and genetic fact that there is no fundamental difference between human beings and our best hope is to bond together around our common beliefs and ideas of the practical aspects of life (food, water, public safety, etc.) and not around those made up concepts we call race and religion.

       Now is the time we have to think about all those corny concepts we resurrect every Christmas – peace on Earth, goodwill towards man, put a little love in your heart, etc. We have finally come to the point in our existence where we have to either live those concepts, corny though they may be, or perish from this Earth. In all upcoming elections, a vote for a Republican is a vote for death. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for life. It’s as simple as that.

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