Chapter 145 – American Crazy

       At the present time, the American electorate consists of approximately 150 million people. Approximately 70 million of it is Republican and 80 million is mostly Democrat and a group I call Anything-But-Republican. The apparent strategy of the Republican Party is to use their gerrymandered power to disenfranchise at least 25% of the opposition and thereby placing them firmly in control of the power of the government and the ability to wage war unimpeded by the law on the other 80 million of us. The rest of the world is closely watching this drama because if the Republicans succeed, it will in all probability; be the end of the United States as the bulwark of democracy and defender of free societies and free will throughout the world and the end of America being a dependable trading partner and ally for all Western type democracies. The world is looking at us with absolute incredulity because it can’t figure out why a country with the resources we have and the capability for its people to have anything they want in life, would even consider blowing the whole thing up based on a 19thcentury idea that white people are more evolved than any other people on Earth. Before you say I’m over simplifying or not being fair to Republicans, you have to explain why all their politics is based solely on the social morays of the 1950s when white men had absolute power over anyone who was not a white man. All the things they say are wrong with America are the things that all Americans now have an equal choice in adopting or not adopting. They refuse to in anyway negotiate ideas and policies that don’t appeal to them, because their position is that only their people have a right to a point of view in the first place.

       The cast of characters in this drama would be laughable if the stakes were not so potentially catastrophic. People like Kevin McCarthy and Lindsay Graham have raised hypocrisy to an art form, denying things they are on record of saying and doing, and now supporting the lie that motivated the people who terrorized them on January 6th and of whom they were so critical of immediately after it happened, all the while maintaining a deafening silence about the sordid behavior of their pedophile colleague Matt Gaetz. And you have Mitch McConnell who thinks he can subvert the democratic process as he has brazenly done over the past 10 years and not eventually produce acts of civil war. He expects to have it both ways – prevent the opposition from legally legislating positions advocated by the majority of Americans and expect that same majority to respect the laws put forth by his white nationalist minority.

       On the Democratic side, you have President Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer trying to run the country and solve the problems that must dealt with on a day to day basis for the country to prosper, while frantically continuing to campaign and fundraise to overcome the wall of Republican gerrymandered congressional districts and Republican ruled state legislatures determined to structure voting rules in a way that disenfranchises racial minorities and other potentially Democratic Voters. No mater how effective Democrats are at governing and campaigning, it will be to no avail if 25% of their constituency is prevented from voting or the election is overturned by Republican legislatures comprised of Trump partisans even if Democrats do win. Even if the courts were inclined to rule against these state measures as unconstitutional, they couldn’t be challenged in the courts in time to prevent Republicans from stealing the 2022 elections. If Republicans prevail in those kind of obviously rigged conditions, I fear (and probably the entire free world fears) it would be the equivalent to a declaration of civil war.

       I don’t think I’m alone when I say, considering the ravings of Republicans about Q Anon and Trump’s having had the election stolen from him even though the election was ran primarily by loyal Republicans, the Republican electorate has gone completely insane. What’s even scarier is the knowledge that they feel exactly the same way about me and people who think the way I do; people who empower science over religious superstition in their interactions with others and who believe facts must be supported by documentation and reproducible data before they can be called facts.

       We are currently on a path to endure a civil war that will create horror, hardship and suffering on a scale no American can truly imagine at this point in time. How did America get to the point where it’s prepared to blow itself up over things that we all will come to understand, after much suffering and heartache, were ridiculous and in reality, nonexistent? The answer to that question is simple. When America decided to dumb down its population and replace education with religious demagoguery it sealed its fate. In a free society, religion cannot coexist on equal terms with government in matters of state. Democratic politics requires rationality and compromise to function properly. There is no room for compromise with religion – it is all a matter of faith. It’s fine to have religion and allow people to worship any way they please, but it must be a private pursuit existing completely outside of politics and government.

       Up until 1980, in the United States people who were overly preoccupied with religion and faith were at best, considered eccentric and at worst fanatical. It was considered bad manners and bad taste to discuss your religious beliefs in mixed company of strangers and people who you were only vaguely familiar with out of sensitivity that your beliefs may not be respectful of someone else’s. Religious discussions were reserved for friends and family who shared your beliefs. Now that we have this schism between secular pragmatists and religious dogmatists it is no longer possible to agree on what is fact and what is fiction. Those who empower religion over all else can be convinced of anything fed them in the name of religion. On the other hand, those of us on the other side are completely dismissive of the point of view of anyone who is known to be a proponent of religious dogma over reality, even on occasions when their point of view may be legitimate.

       So what should we do? To begin with, I have to say that I am really disappointed with my generation. Steven King said it best when he said, (paraphrasing) “We had the opportunity to change world for the better, but we opted instead to invent the Home Shopping Network”. Reagan won the 1980 presidential election by a landslide, but it was the unqualified, wholehearted embracing of Reaganomics by a good portion of my generation that led us to where we are today. Our willingness to set our values aside in favor of more money will be the downfall of America. The attitude expressed by, “I don’t really agree with his position on social issues and human rights, but he’s good for the economy so I’ll vote for him anyway. Besides, social issues and human rights are irrelevant to me because I’m white.” It is the attitude expressed in that quote that will ultimately bring this country down.

       It is only by a ground swell of public reaction to Republican state legislatures voter suppression laws on a scale that larger than the scale of the George Floyd, BLM protests that can save this country. This must occur now, not a few months before the 2022 elections to avert the catastrophe that awaits our country. I hope the younger generations recognize this and respond appropriately.

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