Chapter 142 – Who’s Killing America?

       The fabric of our civilization is beginning to unravel. Probably, the most glaring evidence of this is the fact that a recent Reuters poll indicates that as many as half of all Republicans don’t believe the facts of what we all witnessed with our own eyes and ears on January 6th, and instead have replaced it with some fantasy asserting the participants were someone else and the intention of the insurrectionists was peaceful. In other words, 20 to 25 percent of the electorate is operating on a completely different version of reality than the rest of us. Since the courts have allowed voting districts to be so Gerrymandered as to create a system where the politicians select the voters instead of the opposite, they can go as far as to commit statutory rape as congressman Matt Gaetz is accused of doing, with impunity. And of course, you have the State of Georgia blatantly disenfranchising over 25% of its population in its effort to create an apartheid system of government where only white people determine who is elected. Under these conditions, no society can maintain order and carry out the duties and responsibilities required to effectively and adequately serve its members. In other words, a democratic form of government cannot exist and military power must be the only rule of law.

       The question is, why are so many Americans so willing to give up what has been shown to the world to be the only form of government that makes it possible for all individuals under its jurisdiction to flourish and prosper, in favor of some form of government by dictatorship, which is known throughout all of human history to cause misery and pain to all but an elite few of its members? The answer to that question lays in the wealth gap between the top 10% of Americans and the bottom 50% that began with the real estate debacle in 2007. Once you set things up so that a person working a full time job five days per week, cannot provide adequate food, shelter and transportation for his/her family, you not only disproportionately create a more squalid quality of life for minorities of color (which more affluent Americans believe to be the only effect of the condition), but you substantially cause a large portion of white American males to devolve into poverty. The politicians on the right (who are mostly responsible for orchestrating the wealth gap) have chosen to exploit the lack of quality public education in the United State for the past 30 years and convince a large swath of white Americans 50 years old and younger that all their problems stem from government support of minorities. They, combined with many older white Americans who have been conditioned from birth to believe in their own racial superiority, endeavor to destroy the very safety nets and regulatory agencies created ironically to protect them from being unjustly forced into poverty.

       Unless America holds to account rogue Republican politicians and rogue Republican state legislatures through the courts and the electoral process, the America we know will cease to exist in the near future. I’m told the reason these Republicans intent on ending democracy continue to succeed is due the economic pragmatism of roughly the top 40% income earners in America. They perceive these Republicans as unabashed capitalists and as long as they support policies that enhance their portfolios, those more affluent white Americans and even significant numbers of black and other minorities of color could care less about their social agendas, and the plight of struggling other Americans. They are examples of what I mean when I talk about Americans being fooled into believing that paper money is real. True value in any society lays in the quality of its relationships. That includes not just your family relationships but also your relationship with your neighbor, and the people in the neighborhood on the other side of your town, and with your government representatives and your service personnel including those in law enforcement, fire prevention, sanitation, mail delivery and business owners. If you don’t have the correct balance of mutual trust and fairness between those groups and many others, all the money in the world will not protect you from the impending catastrophes ahead. All bets for a peaceful society will be off and we will be consumed in the hell of civil unrest that has led to the complete destruction of Syria, Yemen and much of the Middle East. That chaos has only set the stage for the disease, pestilence and environmental catastrophe that will follow. When that happens, all our money and worldly possessions will be worthless, and as Dr. King put it, “We will die together as fools”.

       The only thing we have to do to avoid catastrophe is to play by the rules that have worked for us for centuries. We know that more voter participation, not less, enhances democracy. Consequently all Americans, not just those being disenfranchised, must rise up against politicians and legislatures who seek to disenfranchise. We must penalize by our votes and economically anyone who seeks to replace facts with propaganda. I’ve said many times, minorities can and must do our part to meet the challenge of the wave of fascism that is sweeping the country right now, and we must be willing to bear any burden to cast our votes. But ultimately, only white people can peacefully save democracy. Nationwide, voting districts are so profoundly Gerrymandered that only white people can say “enough” and vote the current reactionary group of Republican legislators out of office and peacefully set the country back on a path to an ideal democracy.

       The white electorate need only do two things to save America. First it must recognize Republican fascists for what they are and not be mislead by the ways they attempt to describe and characterize themselves. For example, if people advocate disenfranchising the majority of voters of African and Hispanic decent, they are by definition fascists, not conservatives or pro business and free enterprise. Taking away the right of a qualified American to vote supersedes anything else on their political resume, and you must admit at least to yourself that if you support them, you are supporting fascism over democracy. 

       Secondly you must give serious thought as to whether your life, and the lives of your family, friends and neighbors would be better served by a fascist dictatorship or a progressive/conservative democracy. Generally speaking, dictators come to power by scapegoating some minority as being responsible for the county’s problems when a particular crisis or hardship is gripping the country. When no ethnic, racial or religious minority exists, they manufacture one based on philosophical differences. There may be small short-term gain by the preference and privilege over the scapegoat, but long term, you will be subject to the will of the dictator, who will eliminate criticism or dissent of him or the few billionaire oligarchs who support him, by his military’s boot on the neck of anyone who tries. So what will it be – democracy or fascism?

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