Chapter 135 – Super Bowl Sniping

       It’s nice to have something besides politics to complain about. The text is a lot shorter and you really feel good about venting your hostility, since no one is really hurt by your opinion. I have an opinion about last night’s Super Bowl. 

       I didn’t really have a dog in the fight. In fact, I rooted for both teams in their conference title games. Tom Brady was my sentimental favorite because we old guys like to see other old guys do well against the young guys and I was pulling for Patrick Mahomes to repeat his Super Bowl win and firmly establish himself as the new great quarterback. So I can’t really be accused of being biased when I say that the officials may have stolen the game from the Chiefs. By the middle of the third quarter, I thought to myself that the officials should get the most valuable player award for the Bucs. 

       Traditionally, the Super Bowl is officiated by the most experienced officials selected by careful analysis of the accuracy of all their calls over the past season as well as their years of experience. I don’t know what criteria they used this year. I can’t say it for a fact, but I would think that before the Super Bowl is played, the refs review the film of all the playoff games for both teams and determine how much leeway players were given before fouls were called so that the utmost care is taken not to alter the playing style of either team. It seems highly unlikely to me that although both teams had relatively few infractions called against them in the playoffs that one team would commit five or six fouls in the first half while the other committed none. Something stinks to high heaven there.

      Don’t get me wrong. I think Tampa Bay was the better team last night. However, by officials pretty much taking the Chiefs out of game in the first half, it made for a lot less interesting game and I think robbed America of some much needed, fun excitement. But maybe it’s just me and Mrs. Mahomes who saw it that way (See Patrick’s mom’s quote on Twitter). Anyway, I voted with my feet and turned the game off at 8 minutes into the third quarter.

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