Chapter 101 – Cold War

       I’m a fan of late night TV, particularly Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. However, I notice recently, although their jokes are just as witty and the irony is just as detectable, the jokes are just not funny to me right now. The reason is because I don’t think there is anything funny about what is happening in this country at the moment and what is at stake in the upcoming election. In recent posts, I’ve made a point of saying Donald Trump is not now, nor has he ever been President of the United States. He is instead a general in an army of darkness. The darkness I’m referring to is defined by its attempt to annihilate everything and anyone not in alignment with the fascist, white supremist views of the Trump Republican Party. It is the same darkness embodied by Hitler and his followers, and Saddam Husain and his followers that seeks to seize and maintain power by brute force outside of the rule of law if necessary and contrary to existing standards of tradition and civility.

       I know there are many out there who would say I’m over simplifying things and that the reason Trump continues to garner the support of so many white Americans is more complicated than I would lead people to believe. But when you listen to their explanation of why they support him, it always comes down to the same thing. They complain of jobs going to China or how Democrats want to flood the country with immigrants – things that the Fox News and alt-right propagandist broadcast that Trump supporters listen to exclusively, day and night, to convince them that white Americans are somehow under attack. It doesn’t matter that there is no factual basis for any of these things. The irony is the people most responsible for creating the very things they fear are the very same people they are supporting.

       The Trump Administration has been waging a cold war against the democratic United States of America, since taking office nearly four years ago. The things he has done are not just political maneuvers or diplomatic initiatives, but acts of war against Americans who oppose his views. Tactics such as separating children from their families, soliciting foreign leaders and enemies of State to influence elections, lying to the public about medical facts, refusal to even consider any legislation proposed by Democrats and destroying the Post Office, all for political gain, are acts of war, not politics as we know it. They are acts designed to hurt people, not just professional political adversaries. And yet the media and the Democratic Party discuss these things as though they were merely evidence of Trump’s inability to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the presidency or examples of bad politics or decisions. They don’t get it that in effect, he is the supreme general with the power of the presidency, leading an army of highly motivated would be insurgents. Like any cold warriors, they are ready and willing to escalate the cold war into an armed conflict – in this case, a civil war. I’m no expert, but given the resources and technology capable of being weaponized in this country, I suspect America would sustain between 50 and 100 million casualties as a result of an all out American civil war. If Iraq and Syria are any example, half the casualties will be women, children and the elderly. At the end of the civil war, the United States would be divided into three of four separate states, similar to the former Yugoslavia.

       Our only hope of averting the catastrophe I just described is winning the cold war by defeating Trump and his Republican led Senate in the upcoming election. The fact is there is no Earthly way Trump and at least a half dozen Republican senators can win a fair election this fall, given all that’s happened on their watch. They can only win by fraud and voter suppression. If that happens, at least half of America would not consider them legitimate and that will be the end of America.

       This is why the tactics Trump is using must be met with much stronger measures and stronger rhetoric. Americans must understand in no uncertain terms that this election will be their last chance at democracy and a peaceful transition of power. If it means protesting by the thousands in front of Mitch McConnell’s front door or tying up Washington and every state capital in the Union to reverse all of Trump’s tactics to suppress voter turn out, we must do it now. It would be a real tragedy if we slipped into the catastrophe that threatens to tear this country apart because we failed to take serious the consequences of electing a dangerous psychopath like we did in 2016. Back then, we wrote him off as a reality show kook who wouldn’t do anything but play golf and make an ass of himself even if we did elect him. Look at where we are now as a result. I hope to God we don’t make the same mistake twice.

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