Chapter 78 – Now It Begins

       Recent events, such as Trump’s public admission to asking a foreign official to intervene in the 2020 elections on his behalf triggering the impeachment inquiry, his withdrawing troops to support our Kurdish allies in reaction to his waning popularity among Republicans, resulting in the Turk’s attack on the Kurds, thus demonstrating to the world community that as a country, we have no integrity and are never to be trusted (much like Saddam Husain, who as it turns out, had more integrity than our current leaders), are all evidence of what I have been predicting we would see if the Republicans in congress failed to stand up to Trumps blatant disregard for due process and the rule of law. If you’ve followed my thoughts over the past year, you know I’ve predicted that we would soon witness what we are currently witnessing – the end of our democratic republic. Trump has made it official in latest declaration that the Democratic Party led House of Representatives have no authority over him and his presidency and he is refusing to obey mandates that the Constitution requires them to make under these circumstances. Instead of the Republicans in congress rising up in mass and demanding his immediate impeachment, they continue to a large degree defend and/or rationalize his actions, which become more and more bizarre and insane with each passing minute. The majority of the Republican electorate, with the exception of the hardcore 30% of Trump supporters I’ve been referencing throughout these posts, are slowly coming to the realization that their willingness to tolerate the steadfast position of Trump’s hardcore 30 percent, who insist America is a white country meant to serve white people at the expense of everyone else if necessary, is going to cause them to loss everything that they value as Americans. Never the less, their Republican representatives in congress continue to follow the mandate of Trump’s hardcore 30%, who they believe hold the keys to their reelection.

       Time is quickly running out. Why it’s not clear to all Americans, including congress, that this man will tear this country, if not the entire world, apart to save own ass, is completely baffling to me. Are we really that blind or stupid or ignorant? Each day he remains in office brings us a day closer to his committing some atrocity in an attempt to incite a civil war in this country, or commit some international blunder (which he may have already done with the Kurds) that will throw the world economy into total chaos. I won’t even talk about the damage he has already caused to the environment and all the institutions we rely on to maintain order and stability and security. And yet so many of us remain committed to being right about the country being better served by Republicans than Democrats, in spite of the fact that we have watched our democracy, civil liberties and middle class economy decline precipitously under the past two Republican administrations.

       There’s not much left to say. If you’re really interested in my rational for the statements I’ve made in this post, go back and read my previous posts. The question remains, do we want to live in a democracy or a dictatorship? We know for certain that 30% of the Republican electorate chooses the latter. The rest of us must understand that anything less than a very vocal demand for his immediate removal from office is tantamount to voting with Trump’s hardcore 30 percent on that question. What’s it going to be?

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 78 – Now It Begins”

  1. For all the people writing about Trump and their perceived impression of him, you should remember that it was the democratic party that elected him. Running the most evil and corrupt candidate that has ever run for the presidency, insured Trump’s victory. Why won’t the democrats b ring an official vote in the house of representatives for an impeachment inquiry. Adam Schiff and all his minions are pathologic liars! These comments are from a 77 year old man who has seen enough corruption in his lifetime to last an eternity. By the way, where is Joe Bidens son?
    Why won’t he come out and explain his qualifications for his serving on that board in the Ukraine? Just another example of Washington corruption when a man who wants to be president. If one of these Democrats is elected we will be a socialist country and broke in the near future.

    1. Ron,

      You know I have I high regard and respect for you and I take any opinion you have on this important issue very seriously. All I can say in rebuttal of your comment is that our system of laws and government are designed to above all things, maintain order and respect for the law. For that to work, you must apply it equally to all regardless of whether you agree with their politics or not. While I understand your position on his opponent in the 2016 election, that does not condone electing someone who had a proven record of corruption, lawlessness and immorality. If anything, it was Clinton who should have won by default. Unfortunately, our country has come to have to separate sources of information when it comes to facts and policies. We will have to work on that in the future. The one thing we should agree on at this point in time is that if Trump is not reined in soon, he will destroy this country. I know its hard to admit mistakes, but if we at least have common respect for the law and at least believe that none of us are above it, we can have a safe place to discuss our differences and perhaps arrive at a place where we both feel comfortable with leadership and policy, even it we don’t totally agree with it. Ron, thanks so much for responding. I hope we can continue to dialogue on these very important issues.

      Sincerely, Stan

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